FIFA Copa del Mundo

2006 के लिए



Live the emotion of the World Cup at home


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Here is the summer, and like every four years, we have here th FIFA World Cup, this time it is Germany, but you can live it at home.

EA Sports release a new version of its well-known FIFA, this tme, based on the upcoming World Cup.

The graphic engine shows us a marvellous game, wherewe will control all aspects on the match.

Choose a team, your tactics, your players and try to win the most wanted prize this summer.

You will see high detailed players, you will recognize every player on the grass. It’s time to have Ronaldinho, Messi, Beckam and company un der your control and lead them to win the cup.

What are you waiting for? Download FIFA World Cup 2006 and enjoy the magic of this marvellous sport.